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Equity Crowdfunding Market Report - 01-24-2020



    Week Ending in 1-24-20


    Welcome to the Equity Crowdfunding Report.

    I am your host, Nick Phillips. Thanks for joining us. Today is Friday, January 24th, 2020. Stock markets all finished down this week with the fears swirling around the Coronavirus.

    The equity crowdfunding markets also were also a bit down this week. Reg. A companies raised a total of close to 1.4 million dollars since last Friday. That is down significantly from last week. And Reg. CF companies raised just about $3.2 million since last Friday. This is down 24 percent from last week. We had 33 new Reg. CF offerings, file 0 Reg. A offerings were qualified and 12 Reg. CF offerings expired. Now, looking at some of the top performers of the week for Regulation A companies, Knightscope took the top spot by raising five hundred seventeen thousand dollars on StartEngine. StartEngine came at around four hundred and ninety one thousand on their own platform StartEngine. And NowRx raised around four hundred seventy eight thousand on Seedinvest for Reg. CF companies. Waverley Labs had a great week. It came in at two hundred and sixty eight thousand on StartEngine. xCraft raised one hundred and fifty nine thousand on StartEngine and StoreEn Technologies sneaks into the top three this week by raising one hundred and thirty one thousand on StartEngine. StartEngine this week, really showcasing the power it has as a platform. Make sure you check out this week's interview with Patrick Sherwin, CEO of GoSun. They have an active offering on StartEngine. There is a lot of buzz around this company and he discusses some exciting new product offerings he may have in the pipeline. This interview can be found exclusively on the National Investor Network that will do it for this week's equity crowdfunding market report.

    I am your host, Nick Phillips, reminding you to always do your own due diligence. See you next week.

    Posted by Nick Phillips