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    1896 Bancorp of Wisconsin, Inc.

    1st Constitution Bancorp

    1st Source Corporation

    ACNB Corporation

    Allegiance Bancshares, Inc.

    Alpine Banks Colorado

    Amalgamated Bank

    AMB Financial Corp.

    Amerant Bancorp Inc.

    American Bank, Inc.

    American Business Bank

    American Capital Trust I

    American National Bankshares, Inc.

    American River Bankshares

    Ameris Bancorp

    AmeriServ Financial Inc.

    Ames National Corporation

    Andover Bancorp, Inc.

    Aozora Bank Ltd

    Arrow Financial Corporation

    Atlantic Capital Bancshares, Inc.

    Atlantic Union Bankshares Corporation

    Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc.

    Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.

    BancFirst Corporation

    Bancorp 34, Inc.

    Bank First Corporation

    Bank of Commerce Holdings

    Bank of Marin Bancorp

    Bank of South Carolina Corp.

    Bank of the James Financial Group, Inc.

    Bank OZK

    Bank7 Corp.

    BankFinancial Corporation

    Bankwell Financial Group, Inc.

    Banner Corporation

    Barclays PLC

    BayCom Corp

    BCB Bancorp, Inc.

    Blue Ridge Bankshares, Inc

    BOK Financial Corporation

    Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc.

    Bridge Bancorp, Inc.

    Bridgewater Bancshares, Inc.

    Broadway Financial Corporation

    Brookline Bancorp, Inc.

    Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation

    Business First Bancshares, Inc.

    C&F Financial Corporation

    Cambridge Bancorp

    Camden National Corporation

    Capital Bancorp, Inc.

    Capital City Bank Group

    Capitol Federal Financial, Inc.

    CapStar Financial Holdings, Inc.

    Carolina Financial Corporation

    Carolina Trust BancShares, Inc.

    Carter Bank & Trust

    Carver Bancorp, Inc.

    Cathay General Bancorp

    CBM Bancorp, Inc.

    CBTX, Inc.

    CenterState Bank Corporation

    Central Federal Corporation

    Central Valley Community Bancorp

    Century Bancorp, Inc.

    Chemung Financial Corp

    Chino Commercial Bancorp

    Citizens & Northern Corp

    Citizens Community Bancorp, Inc.

    Citizens Holding Company

    City Holding Company

    Civista Bancshares, Inc.

    CNB Financial Corporation

    Coastal Banking Co Inc

    Coastal Financial Corporation

    Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc

    Colony Bankcorp, Inc.

    Columbia Banking System, Inc.

    Columbia Financial, Inc.

    Commerce Bancshares, Inc.

    Community Bankers Trust Corporation

    Community First Bancshares, Inc.

    Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.

    Community West Bancshares

    ConnectOne Bancorp, Inc.

    Cortland Bancorp

    County Bancorp, Inc.

    Credit Suisse AG

    CrossFirst Bankshares, Inc.

    CVB Financial Corporation

    Delhi Bank Corp

    Private Equity

    Delmar Bancorp

    Dime Community Bancshares, Inc.

    DNB Financial Corp

    Eagle Bancorp Montana, Inc.

    Eagle Bancorp, Inc.

    Eagle Financial Bancorp, Inc.

    East West Bancorp, Inc.

    Elmira Savings Bank NY (The)